Excel: Upper Case in Excel

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Problem: I have data in lower case. I need to convert it to upper case.

Strategy: To solve this in Excel, follow these steps:

  1. Insert a new blank column to the right of your data.
  2. Use a formula such as =UPPER(D2). To convert to lower case, use =LOWER(). To convert to Proper case, use =PROPER().
  3. Copy the temporary formula down to all rows by double-clicking the fill handle.
  4. The entire range of new formulas will be selected. Press Ctrl+C to copy.
  5. Press the left arrow to move to the original data. Right-click and choose Paste Values.

  1. Fix in a temp column.
    1. You can now delete the temporary column D.

    Additional Details: I to bring up the "œW" program again, but here is another place where Microsoft Word could make this easier. If you had an entire table that needs converting, select the whole table, paste to a blank word document, then use the Change Case dropdown in the Home tab.

    After the conversion is done, copy from Word and paste back to Excel.

  2. Word.