Excel: Unhide All Sheets

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Problem: If you use Group Mode, you can hide a bunch of worksheets in one command.

  1. Hide many worksheets in one command.

    However, there is no way to unhide all of the worksheets in a single command. You have to do Home, Format, Hide & Unhide, Unhide Sheets to get to this dialog. You can not select multiple worksheets here, so you have to repeat that command for every worksheet.

    Strategy: Use the View Manager. Create one view with the worksheets hidden. Create another view with the worksheets visible.

  2. Unhide sheets one at a time.

    To solve the current problem, follow these steps:

    1. Select View, Custom Views, Add.
    2. Assuming the worksheets are currently hidden, use a name such as SheetsHidden.
    3. Unhide all the worksheets. If you want a quick way to do this, press Alt+F11. Press Ctrl+G. Type "œfor each w in activeworkbook.Worksheets : w.visible = true : next" and press Enter. Press Alt+Q.
    4. Now that the worksheets are unhidden, select View, Custom Views, Add. Use a name such as Unhidden.
    5. To quickly switch between the two views, use View, Custom Views. Select the correct view and click Show.

  3. Set up a view to remember which sheets to hide.

  4. Switch to a different view.

    Gotcha: If any of your worksheets use a table, you can not use views. In this case, I would add a macro to your personal macro workbook with the code from step 3. For a demo of this, search YouTube for Learn Excel 611.

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