Excel: Hide Error Cells When Printing

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Problem: I have a formula that does division. Occasionally, the divisor cell is zero, so I have a couple of #DIV/0! value errors. I need to print this sheet without the errors to get the report to a staff meeting. I don't have time to rewrite all the formulas to test whether the divisor is zero. What can I do?

  1. A few nagging error cells.

    Strategy: From the Page Layout tab, you can select the dialog launcher at the bottom right corner of the Page Setup group. In the Page Setup dialog, you go to the Sheet tab, select the dropdown for (Print) Cell Errors As, and select <blank>.

  2. Select to print error cells as blank.

    Results: Although the error will still appear in the worksheet, when you print, the error cells will print as blanks.

  3. No errors will show in the printed document.

    Alternate Strategy: The ultimate way to solve this problem is to change the formula to test whether the divisor is zero. In this case, a proper formula would be =IFERROR(B2/C2,0).

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