Excel: Embed Your Dashboard in a Blog Post

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Problem: I've built an amazing Excel application. It has charts. It has slicers. The whole world would love this app. I need to be able to update this daily, but yet share it.

Strategy: Files saved to OneDrive can be embedded in a web page.

Create an account at Office.com. Add a new folder there to hold the application. Share that folder with everyone.

Save the Excel file to that folder on the OneDrive.

Sign in to Office.com and browse to find your Excel file. To the right of your Excel file is a More dropdown. Choose More, Share, Embed. You will be given the Embed code that you can put in a blog post or a web page.

You should plan on editing the embed code to allow interactivity. Here are all the changes that you can make to the embed code:

To allow interactivity, find &AllowInteractivity=False and change it to &AllowInteractivity=True.

If you want the people reading your blog to type new values in the worksheet, use: &AllowInteractivity=True&AllowTyping=True.

If you want to display a specific region of the worksheet, you can add a named range to the workbook before you save it. Then, add this to the embed code: &Item=MyNamedRange. If the range name includes special characters, you will have to use URL encoding. P&LRange would become P%26LRange. If in doubt, don't use punctuation in your range name!

If you want a specific cell to start as the active cell, use &ActiveCell='Sheet1'!A5.

You can change the size of the frame. The frame always starts at 402 pixels wide by 346 pixels tall, which will cause scrollbars in a large worksheet. Edit the embed code width="600" height="800" frameborder="0" scrolling="yes".

Here is a simple Excel app that I pasted in my blog during the Learn Excel podcast episode 1378.

  1. A workbook embedded in a blog post.

    To see a demo of embedding, search the Internet for Learn Excel 1378.