Excel: Copy Row Heights

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Problem: That last trick for pasting column widths works well. How do I do the same thing for row heights?

Strategy: As with column widths, you can quickly find the row height or adjust the row height using the border between row headers.

  1. Find or adjust one row height.

    There is not a Paste Special option for row heights. You can use the Format Painter to copy row heights. However, the Format Painter will also copy cell colors, font sizes, borders, and so on.

    To use the Format Painter, select entire rows. Say that you want to copy row heights in rows 1:10 to rows 21:30.

    To copy the heights of rows 1:10, click and drag from the row 1 heading to the row 10 heading.

    Click the Format Painter icon in Home tab. The mouse cursor changes to a paintbrush.

  2. Choose entire rows, then click the Format Painter.

    When you release the mouse, Excel will paste all formatting, including row heights from the original range.

    Don't click any cells while the format painter is active. The next action you have to take is selecting 10 rows. Be sure to click on the row header and not the cell. Click on 21 and drag to 30. The tooltip will confirm that you've selected 10 rows.

  3. Select as many rows as in the copied section.