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Excel Icon, Dropdowns, and Hybrids

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Icon, Dropdowns, and Hybrids

Problem: The ribbon introduces several new types of controls that you’ve never used in Excel 2003.

In this figure, the Table and Picture icon will invoke a command. The Shapes and Screenshot icons are dropdowns that lead to a flyout menu.


Figure 25 A mix of dropdowns, icons, and hybrids.

However, the PivotTable icon is actually two icons. The top half will start a pivot table. The bottom half leads to a flyout. You can’t really tell which icons are a hybrid of icon and dropdown until you hover over the icon with your mouse.


Figure 26 When you hover, a horizontal line divides the icon.

The other new type of control in the ribbon is a gallery with three arrows at the right side. The first and second arrows in the gallery will scroll through choices one row at a time.

If you click the bottom arrow, the gallery will fly open to reveal all of the choices.


Figure 27 Galleries have three arrows on the right edge.


Figure 28 Click the bottom arrow to open the gallery.

Additional Details: Several icons have an upper (icon) half and a lower (dropdown) half:

  • The Paste icon on the Home tab
  • The Insert icon on the Home tab
  • The Delete icon on the Home tab
  • The Pivot Table icon on the Insert tab
  • The AutoSum icon on the Formulas tab
  • The Macros icon on the View tab
  • The Options icon on the PivotTable Tools Options tab

Ironically, the bottom half of the Options icon leads to a menu where one of the choices is Options. I have to shake my head in Microsoft’s direction when I write “Choose Options, Options dropdown, Options."

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