Excel: "Where Is It Wednesday" - Set Default Chart in Excel 2013: Podcast #1670

Creating a chart fast used to be a few steps. Excel 2013 shows no apparent way to Set a Default Chart - the button is actually hidden, but Bill shows us wher...

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Where is it Wednesday?                                          

Where is it Wednesday?

This is Excel 2013 edition of “Where is it Wednesday?”

This is episode 1670: Set as default chart.

Hey welcome back to MrExcel netcast. I’m Bill Jelen.

One of my favorite old tricks from Excel 2010 and earlier is we create a chart in a single keystroke. So you choose the data Alt+ F1 but what chart do you get?

Well we control that with “Change Chart Type.” We can go in and choose a custom template and then say “Set as Default Chart.”

Alright so if I set that as the default chart-- now in the future when I select that data, Alt+F1, I get that chart as the default instead of the standard clustered column chart. Alright, great little feature.

Where is it in Excel 2013?

Alright so here's my chart. I go to change chart type. It’s on the design tab. We have all these different charts and we even have the templates but there is no apparent way to set as default chart.

Where is it hidden?

It's hidden right here. You have to right click one of these little thumbnails and choose set as default chart or if you're in a template right click and set as default chart. So they've completely hidden the button. You have to know to right click in order to use that so here let's use this one, set as default chart, click OK and then we will do our little test. Select the data then Alt+F1 and we get that chart as the default.

It's a great feature, just much harder to find in Excel 2013 than in Excel 2010.

All right, well, hey I want to thank you for stopping by. We’ll see you next time for another netcast from MrExcel.

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