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Jack from Boston sends in a cool Windows trick to change the color of the selected cells. You would this this would solve the problem in Episode 907, but it ...

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Hey, welcome back to the MrExcel netcast, I'm Bill Jelen. Back in Episode 907, I talked about how frustrating it is that here in Excel 2007, the color for the selected cells and the unselected cells is practically identical. Jack from Boston, who listens to the podcast on his commute on the train, sent in a cool tip. He said, "Hey, if you go into Properties, and go to Appearance, go to Advance, there is a setting here called Selected Items, and you can choose a color for the Selected Item."

So let me go into Custom Colors, I'll choose color; add the custom colors; click OK, click OK, click OK. It takes a second here, while Windows goes through. And sure enough, in Excel 2003, that setting actually had an impact-- that color becomes the color for the selected cells.

Unortunately, in Excel 2007, they seem to ignore those settings; they're not allowing those settings to come through. So we still have the same problem in Excel 2007.

I'm showing this here for those of you in Excel 2003 and earlier, who actually would like to change the color of the selected cells.

Great tip from Jack; unfortunately, the Excel team doesn't seem to respect that setting anymore in Excel 2007, so we're still stuck with the very ugly same selection color now, that we've always had.

Well, I want to thank you for stopping by, we'll see you next time for another netcast from MrExcel.

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This video is current as of December 24, 2008

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