Excel: Learn Excel from MrExcel Episode 903 - Sorting AutoFilter

Beardless Rot wants to know how to sort filtered data so that the top 10 autofilter will show items high-to-low. Episode 903 will show you how.

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Hey, welcome back to the MrExcel netcast, I'm Bill Jelen. Today a question sent in by Beardless Rot. Beardless wants to know, "Hey, if I use the Top 10 AutoFilter and it doesn't automatically sort, is there any way to get that data to sort?"

So we've turned on the AutoFilter here, I'm going to open the drop-down and choose Top 10 and say I want to see the Top 10 Items, which does a great job of filtering it; but they're just in a haphazard order.

Now, what's kind of weird here, in Excel 2003 when we open this drop-down it's not a parent, but there's actually things above Top 10. So you have to scroll up a little bit and you'll see that there are actually the Sort Descending. So it does take a couple of uses of the AutoFilter, but they did build that in. So we can pretty much stay in that one drop down, apply the Top 10, or Top 5, or Top 20, or whatever, and then use Sort Descending to sort that data.

Now, I guess the question is what happens to the things we're not seeing. If we go back here and choose "All", you see that it did not, in fact, sort all of the hidden records; they're not sorted, it just sorted those 10, kind of, in place. A little bit weird, isn't it.

Alright, well, I want to thank Beardless Rot for sending that question in, I want to thank you for stopping by. We'll see you next time for another netcast from MrExcel.

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This video is current as of December 10, 2008

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