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Freeze Panes: What is it? It makes no sense. Today Bill looks at the Freeze Panes function of Excel and discusses its uses, what you can do and what you cann...

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Bill Jelen:      Welcome back to the Don’t Fear the Spreadsheet Podcast.  This is Episode #3: Excel Freeze Panes.

Alright, well hey, this is the Don’t Fear the Spreadsheet Podcast, I’m Bill Jelen from MrExcel.  Today’s question: Tyler. 

Tyler:           Freeze panes?  What are panes and why would I want to make them cold?

Bill Jelen:      Hey, Tyler.  Alright, what a funny name for a really useful, useful thing.  So, we have a long, long report here, alright?  And there’s headings at the top and you don’t want to have to repeat these headings every screen full of data so we can tell what’s going on.  So, freeze panes lets us solve that. 

 And now, to use freeze panes, we have to go to the very first cell that’s not going to be locked, alright?  So in this case, it’s probably cell A4.  Then we come here to the View tab, Freeze Panes, Freeze Panes – Now everything above that will become locked.  Everything to the left of that, which in this case is nothing, will become locked. So now as I scroll down, you see I get to see these headings all the time.  Because, hey, wait a second.  Well now, I don’t need to see XYZ Company Sales Report.  That is not going to help.  So let me Unfreeze Panes and now I’m going to very carefully – I’m going to use the scroll, just scroll down so that way I can see row 3, I can’t see rows 1 and 2.  And then I’ll Freeze Panes from here and now I scroll down.  This solves the problem.

Of course now, the big issue is going to come when we decide later to print, Ctrl+P, those headings do not repeat.  So doing freeze panes does not help at all with the print- printing out.  You want to come here to Page Layout, Print Titles and specify that rows, 1:3, are going to repeat- be repeated at the top of every page.

Freeze pane, great when you’re just looking at the spreadsheet.  Print Titles is doing the same thing when you’re going to print the spreadsheet.


Tyler:           Thanks for stopping by.  We’ll see you next episode.  Check out, Don’t Fear the Spreadsheet.  This book made itself for dummies, look like it was written for rocket scientists.      


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