Excel: [VBA] Loop through a range in column A, copy data on the right according to a specific value in the looping range

Hi all, I am working on a task and need a macro to loop through Column A which contains numbers and copy the data in Columns B & C with a specific number in column A (please see the table below)

Column A Column B Column C
1 a aa
2 b bb
2 b bb
2 b bb
2 b bb
3 c cc
3 c cc
For example, I want to copy data in columns B & C with number 1 in column A and then paste in Columns D & E. Subsequently, the macro will copy data with number 2 then paste in Columns F & G and so forth. I have found a code that identifies the group with number 2s and copy related data. But this code stops at number 2 only. (Sorry I have googled this code and lost track of where I got it from.)
Sub ChooseRangeWithSpecificDataAndCopy()
Dim Lrow As Integer
   Dim LColARange As String
   Dim LContinue As Boolean
   'Select Sheet1
   'Initialize variables
   LContinue = True
   Lrow = 2
   'Loop through all column A values until a blank cell is found or value does not
   ' match cell A2's value
   While LContinue = True
      Lrow = Lrow + 1
      LColARange = "A" & CStr(Lrow)
      'Found a blank cell, do not continue
      If Len(Range(LColARange).Value) = 0 Then
         LContinue = False
      End If
      'Found first occurrence that did not match cell A2's value, do not continue
      If Range("A2").Value <> Range("A" & CStr(Lrow)).Value Then
         LContinue = False
      End If
      'Copy data from columns A - C
    Range("B2:C" & CStr(Lrow - 1)).Copy
   MsgBox "Copy has completed."
End Sub
As this task is urgent and I am not good at VBA, any help to solve this is greatly appreciated. Looking forward to your replies... Thank you.

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