Excel: "Un-flatten" rows into multiple rows

Hello, In my current project I have a couple of very long sheets with similar data that I need to unflatten. Example (row "Name" being with multiple records separated by comma): ID Description Names 4711 Text1 ABC,DEF,GHI 5633 Text2 KLM,OPQ,RST Needs to be transformed into: ID Description Names 4711 Text1 ABC 4711 Text1 DEF 4711 Text1 GHI 5633 Text2 KLM 5633 Text2 OPQ 5633 Text2 RST The new rows need to be inserted prior to converting the next row of the original sheet. Is there a formula I can use to do that? Or could someone be so kind to craft a macro I can run automatically through the sheet? Thanks in advance.

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