Excel: "it uses more levels of nesting than are allowed in the current file format"

I am trying to design a Body Composition Measurement table which works out a persons risk rating by combining Body Mass Index (BMI) and waist circumference (WC). I have been using an 'IF' formula (Excel 07, Win8) which was working well until I got the following message: "it uses more levels of nesting than are allowed in the current file format" To make it more complicated I need the two formulas below as one and for the cell to know the difference between Male 'M' and Female 'F' when entered into the gender cell (cell 'E') to give the correct result depending on sex. In the formula below H7 is BMI, I7 is the WC. Females and males work with the same BMI range but the WC is different as you will notes when looking a both formulas. Does anyone know how to make this work? Your help is greatly appreciated Matt Males =IF(AND(H7<=18.5,I7<=102),"Increased Risk", IF(AND(H7>=18.5,H7<24.9,I7<102),"No Increased Risk",IF(AND(H7>=18.5,H7<24.9,I7>=102),"Increased Risk", IF(AND(H7>=25,H7<29.9,I7<94),"No Increased Risk",IF(AND(H7>=25,H7<29.9,I7>=94,I7<102),"Increased Risk",IF(AND(H7>=25,H7<29.9,I7>=102),"High Risk", IF(AND(H7>=30,H7<34.9,I7<94),"Increased Risk",IF(AND(H7>=30,H7<34.9,I7>=94,I7<102),"High Risk",IF(AND(H7>=30,H7<34.9,I7>102),"Very High Risk", IF(AND(H7>=35,H7<39.9,I7<94),"High Risk",IF(AND(H7>=35,H7<39.9,I7>=94,I7<102),"Very High Risk",IF(AND(H7>=35,H7<39.9,I7>102),"Extreme Risk", IF(AND(H7>=40,I7<94),"Very High Risk",IF(AND(H7>=40,I7>=94),"Extreme Risk","No Result")))))))))))))) Females =IF(AND(H7<=18.5,I7<=88),"Increased Risk", IF(AND(H7>=18.5,H7<24.9,I7<88),"No Increased Risk",IF(AND(H7>=18.5,H7<24.9,I7>=88),"Increased Risk", IF(AND(H7>=25,H7<29.9,I7<80),"No Increased Risk",IF(AND(H7>=25,H7<29.9,I7>=80,I7<88),"Increased Risk",IF(AND(H7>=25,H7<29.9,I7>=88),"High Risk", IF(AND(H7>=30,H7<34.9,I7<80),"Increased Risk",IF(AND(H7>=30,H7<34.9,I7>=80,I7<88),"High Risk",IF(AND(H7>=30,H7<34.9,I7>88),"Very High Risk", IF(AND(H7>=35,H7<39.9,I7<80),"High Risk",IF(AND(H7>=35,H7<39.9,I7>=80,I7<88),"Very High Risk",IF(AND(H7>=35,H7<39.9,I7>88),"Extreme Risk", IF(AND(H7>=40,I7<80),"Very High Risk",IF(AND(H7>=40,I7>=80),"Extreme Risk","No Result"))))))))))))))

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