Excel: PLEASE HELP ME OUT Parent-Child hierarchy construction

Hi, I am new to VB, saw ur post on providing parent child hierarchy in visually structured way in excel. Hoping that you will help me out in this issue . Please mail me in ddhisha@gmail.com There is a table in xl as below: Calling Called Folder1 Sub1 Folder1 Sub2 Sub1 Sub3 Sub3 Sub4 Folder2 Sub6 Folder2 Sub7 Sub7 Sub8 Sub7 Sub9 Explaination of the table: "Folder1" is calling child "Sub1" and "Sub1" is calling "Sub3", and likewise ... I need an output in an hierarchy saying parent->child->subchild... Expected Output 1: Folder1->Sub1->Sub3->Sub4 Folder1->Sub2 Folder2->Sub6 Folder2->Sub7->Sub8 Folder2->Sub7->Sub9 Expected Output 2: In the 3rd column of excel against each row of Calling & Called columns ,Output should be as below(i.e, Parent|Child|...): Folder1|Sub1 Folder1|Sub2 Folder1|Sub1|Sub3 Folder1|Sub1|Sub3|Sub4 Folder2|Sub6 Folder2|Sub7 Folder2|Sub7|Sub8 Folder2|Sub7|Sub9 Please help me out in this. Thanks

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