Excel: Multiple If And Then VBA code

Hi guys, New to the forum, and also pretty much a newbie when it comes to Formula/VBA for Excel. I'm trying to get some VBA code working (as I know I would be unable to do what I need with a formula, due to the size of it) but I'm not sure where to start. Basically, I'll lay it out logically; IF C4 = TextValue AND F4 = NumericValue THEN I4 = Value However, it would be a case of having multiple of the above, for different values for C4 and F4, all outputting to I4, for example; IF C4 = "Gold" AND F4 = "2" THEN I4 = "12 Hours" IF C4 = "Silver" AND F4 = "3" THEN I4 = "8 Hours" If you can see where I'm going with this? It's a little difficult to explain what I need, other than writing it like this.. I'll also need to know how to assign the above VBA code to the cell I4 so that it outputs the right value, unless that would be automatic with it saying I4 = Value? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Kind regards,

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