Excel: =mode(if(and help

I am trying to calculate the mode of our turn-around times for cases we handle as follows: In column N, which contains whole numbers, which I want to obtain the mode values of, if:

  • Column A equals the name of a person in my team reference by cell J2
  • if the date in column I was greater than 31/12/12 (referenced J1) and less than 01/01/2013 (referenced by K1)
So far I can get the below to work based only on using greater than 31/12/12 and not with the less than option as follows: {=MODE(IF([Jan12_May14_Closed_Cases.xlsx]report1401715985583!$A$2:$A$56366=J2,IF([Jan12_May14_Closed_Cases.xlsx]report1401715985583!$I$2:$I$56366

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