Excel: I need serious help with this formula regarding rounding a number please!!!

Hi, Right i have a spreadsheet and in column j2 i have a formula of the following "=l2/365*e2*2" which brings back the answer of 637. What i am wanting this to do is round up to 640, i can do this with no problem with the round formula. What i want is that if the formula above equals say 2832 i want to be able to round this to 2800 and 2830, i want to be able to enter a formula and just drag it down. I have in another cell the following "=IF(LEN(J2)=3,ROUND(J2,-1),IF(LEN(J2)=2,ROUND(J2,-1)))" which works if the answer in j2 is wrote it and not worked out by a formula. How can i do it all in 1 cell and drag down (preferably j2 and drag down) I just cant work it out. thanks

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