Excel: Highlighting Active.Row

Hey. Trying to get this solved but strangely it don't work. I am using Excel 2013. Ok, i've found 2 solutions so far. The first one (which is not good for me) is easy, but the problem with it is that it removes all other colours from the worksheet when working, i've came along some posts where you can actually store your formatting on a seperate sheet, but no this aint gonna be my solution. The second one. Looks neat, could use it, it just don't work :( https://youtu.be/YSRuGR3q4uw?t=3m35s Here's what i've done: -Created new name in name manager: ActiveRow then made it refer to =1 -Applied conditional formatting to the whole sheet: =ROW(A1)=activerow -Then added the code to Sheet 1:

Private Sub Worksheet_SelectionChange(ByVal Target As Range)
With ThisWorkbook.Names("activerow")
    .Name = "activerow"
    .RefersToR1C1 = "=" & ActiveCell.Row
End With
End Sub
When i click around the sheet i notice some loading, but the highlighting won't happen. Could you take a look at my issue please? Any other solutions are welcome.

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