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Z1=1 or 2 as soon as system time equals 'start time' & 'end time' respectively else Z1=0 (default) During this "Time Period" when Z1 first becomes equal to 1 & finally when it becomes equal to 2; C2:C200 & D2 D200 keeps on updating its values continuously. Output required: in E2:E200 & F2:F200 which should be the highest value of respective cell address of C column & the lowest value of respective cell address of D column AS LONG AS Z1=1. Ex: For Z1=1 C2=200.22 D2=507.43 E2=200.22 F2=507.43 C2=201.34 D2=501.43 E2=201.34 F2=501.43 C2=204.75 D2=500.43 E2=204.75 F2=500.43 C2=204.75 D2=508.55 E2=204.75 F2=500.43 C2=203.89 D2=500.43 E2=204.75 F2=500.43 ... Answer is E2 & F2. Similarly for other C3:C200 & D3:D200 answer would be in E3:E200 & F3:F200. How to accomplish?

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