Excel: Hide unselected rows... An impossible feat?

I have spent no less than 12 hours looking for a solution to my problem. Hitting a brick wall. What I want to do sounds simple enough, really, so why doesn't Excel seem to offer that feature and more importantly how do I solve the problem? This is where you awesome experts come in (hopefully) :) TASK: To hide rows that are not currently selected. (must be able to unhide them later) ALTERNATIVELY (but less favorite way to go) To copy selected rows into a new sheet. No, the rows are not adjacent, they are scattered here and there. READ THIS! - How the rows became selected is why this is a challenge. It will not allow me to right click and COPY/PASTE selected rows into a new sheet for example. Let me explain why: I used the "FIND" tool then entered a keyword (the word "FAN") and excel found every entry in my spreadsheet that has the word FAN anywhere in it. So far so good. I then hit CONTROL-A to select all the find results. This selected all the rows on my contact list that pertain to FANS of my film (as I said, these rows are scattered amongst non-fan rows) . Next I wanted to keep the FAN (selected) rows but temporarily hide all the other contacts to isolate just the fans. And hit the brick wall. :/ NOTE: If you are going to give me a macro, be aware I need basic instructions on where and how to place a macro, because me no is expert ;) and I have never used macros before (bare with me - talk to me like I am a 6 year old. Wait... Make that 4 LOL). I am hopeful you can help me and my (very) tired eyes thank you much !! :)

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