Excel: Hide rows based on output from formula

Hi I have searched many forums and can't seem to find my answer to this problem I am working a large quoting program and I need certain rows to automatically hide when I have a cell condition based on a number i.e. if P30=1 I want the row hidden and if P30=2 I want the rows to appear. The numbers can be changed to "true" or "false" if it would work better. Currently this formula works but only if I got to the P30 cell and click and hit enter - the cell out put is from a differnt sheet and I don't know if that the problem. I need this formual to run all of the time as I make changes to the first sheet and this data is on sheet 4 - this data has a Macro which copys the info and pastes this in Word I have also tried Autofill with no luck. There are about 10 other differnt rows I need to hide based on formual outputs - Ideas? Here is the current formula - only works if I go to the sheet and manauly type 1 or 2 and hit enter, does not work from a formula output Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal target As Range) If Range("s30").Value = 1 Then Rows("34:35").Select Selection.EntireRow.Hidden = True Range("s30").Select ElseIf Range("s30").Value = 2 Then Rows("34:35").Select Selection.EntireRow.Hidden = False Range("s30").Select End If End Sub

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