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I have a spreadsheet table "Federal Tax Rates" Marginal Tax Brackets Tax Rate Over But Not Over row 1,Column A 10.0% Column B $0 Column C $17,850 row 2,Column A 15.0% Column B $17,850 Column C $72,500 row 3,Column A 25.0% Column B $72,500 Column C $146,400 row 4,Column A 28.0% Column B $146,400 Column C $223,050 row 5,Column A 33.0% Column B $223,050 Column C $398,350 row 6,Column A 35.0% Column B $398,350 Column C $450,000 row 7,Column A 39.6% Column B $450,000 I also have a spreadsheet "Payroll" Column A Column B Column C Gross Pay Tax Status Federal Income Percent row 1 $15,000 1 should be 10.0% row 2 $50,000 1 should be 15.0% the formula I need is find the column A1 under gross Pay, with column B1 under Tax Status find the percentage from "Federal Tax Rates" and place it in C1 of "Payroll" There will be four different tables in the "Federal Tax Rates" spreadsheet I can place the numbers 1,2,3, or 4 in (column b Tax Status) of the Payroll spreadsheet Hope this is understandable. Thanks for any help.

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