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Hi, A merry Christmas to you all. Haven't been here for a while and the OS systems have evolved. I am looking for a solution to help me look up a reference such as a zip code and then to find the address. I have a spreadsheet with customer's addresses on it and I need to find a particular addreess, I type in the zip code (post code in UK) and the address should appear. What is happening is that the address does not match the zip code . From that I have another lookup reference to check on a customer's name, which should match up the addrress. The function I am using and have done so before is a simple look up however the addresses are not corresponding to the zipcode EG =LOOKUP(D3,'Booking in'!H5:H300,'Booking in'!G5:G500) I have inserted a simple table with data. Can someone tell me what I have missed?

14 December 2013 1 1 MOUSE 48 DISNEY GARDENS Z12345 NO
14 December 2013 1 2 WATCHINGS 108 ALEXANDRA ROAD Z23456 NO
14 December 2013 1 3 TRAVISS 12 OLDWOOD CHASE Z34566 YES 24 December 2013
14 December 2013 1 4 SMITHY 14 COTTESMORE PLACE Z44433 NO
14 December 2013 1 5 JONESEY 7 SALISBURY ROAD Z33433 NO

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