Excel: Help with Counting Unique Duplicates

Ok I will keep it simple with two rows. What I am trying to do is count unique duplicate values from one row into another row.

Date Draw1 Draw2 Draw3 Draw4
9/16/2014 6 9 7 9
9/15/2014 6 1 9 3
I am trying to count the number of repeat digits that occurred in draw 9/15 to 9/16. I am stuck with this formula and it gives me 3 which should be 2. This is my current formula and I am stuck right now. Please note I want to count the unique digits. For example the 6 and 9 was drawn on September 15 but it also came up on 9/16 too but it is counting the 9 twice but it should be once. =SUM(IFERROR(SUM(1/COUNTIF(B21:E21,B20)),0)+IFERROR(SUM(1/COUNTIF(B21:E21,C20)),0)+IFERROR(SUM(1/COUNTIF(B21:E21,D20)),0)+IFERROR(SUM(1/COUNTIF(B21:E21,E20)),0) ) Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Calvin

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