Excel: Help with COUNTIFS on multiple conditons

Hi Guys, Hoping someone out there can help. I am currently trying to create a Formula which will count my data on a range of conditions. Here is an example of my data:

1 Active 4 - High 3 - Medium
2 Closed 2 - low 2 - low
3 Tolerated 3 - Medium 1 - V. Low
4 Active 4 - high 4 - High
This data then continues on for a number of rows. Basically I want to count the cells which contain "Active" or "Tolerated" in row A which also has a score of 4 or 3 in column B and also a score of column 3 or 2 in column C. So the formula should count Rows 1 and 4 in the above scenario. The problem I have is the data in B and C contains text as well as a number so I assume there is not a way to use a greater or lesser than operater? to help and instead I will need to add a condition to just search the cell which contains the number 4 or 3 in column B for example. I have had a go at this but am not getting very far. Would COUNTIFS be the best formula to use for this? Thanks in advance. Ed

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