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I've created this spreadsheet to record my stats for playing the game Hearthstone. In the columns T, U, V and W I have my class vs class statistics that I've just started recording. The idea behind this is to have it correlating to a table that shows percentages in rows 33-42 using columns A-J. You can see that I have only recorded one stat so far with this which is Shaman vs Mage with a 1 - 0 win rate. V and W will always either be a 1 or a 0 depending on who won the game as they are best of ones. So the trouble I'm having was to turn the T-W and get a percentage total in the lower table. The only way I could think of that was to have a step in between which is further right on the spreadsheet, starting from AA and onwards. Then the bottom table takes it from there and turns it into a percentage. If there is an easier way to do that to not have all that stuff convoluting the spreadsheet, that would be great to know. Above that table is the last thing that I'm working on. Underneath the "TOP 5" in cells A-C and rows 27-31 I'm wanting to do the last table. The idea is to have the class that I'm playing in A (ex. Shaman from the one statistic I have recorded), and the played against class in B, and the percentage winrate in C. I tried to do an HLOOKUP and VLOOKUP formula taking information from the table below, but I couldn't get it to work. I can't think of a way of getting this to work as there is too much info to do a nested IF function. I also don't know how to get it to read the information and place the played and played against class into A and B respectively. Your help for these formulae would be much appreciated, thanks in advance! TL;DR - Trying to get cells A-C, 27-31 filled with: A = class played, B = class played against, C = winrate %. Used by taking the information from the table below, which takes the info from cells AA and onwards to the right, which takes info from columns T-W. https://mega.co.nz/#!yowm1aKZ!ZlLRySDRWDiwJoTv6HmQCV_Dn6dTTltg7qbRMoSCdCA - link to the spreadsheet

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