Excel: Help with a complicated VLOOKUP an IF Formula (WIN7, Excel 2007)

6 Date Name Star End Days
7 data entry date name of employee Leave start leave End Days on Leave
8 1 Feb 15 Smith 4 Apr 15 8 Apr 15 [CENTER]4[/CENTER]
9 15 Feb Wilson 12 May 15 17 May 15 6
The Table above is a flat file database. I have a VBA userform built to allow employees to enter their data as employees plan to take leave. The table is dynamic and builds as employees enter there planned leave dates. I need to build another spread sheet that calculates leave that has been taken and leave that is planned to be taken during the FY.The problem I am having is that there will be multi incidences of each employee name in Column J. I believe that the problem can be solved with a VLOOKUP formula and an IF statement but I am not sure how to begin. Example in K7 I wouldl like that cell to calculate all leave days prior to the TODAY() functionand return all leave days taken during the year and in L6 I would like that cell to calculate leave planned before the TODAY() function. I thank you in advance for any assistance.
6 Name Leave Taken Leave Planned
7 Smith 12 6
8 employee2
9 employee3
10 employee4
11 employee5
12 employee6
13 employee7

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