Excel: Help! sub that calls other subs not working, if individually run they work!

Hello everyone would really need some advise with a weird thing going on I have written some 12 subs, all needed to process a dataset. each one takes it from where the previous one leaves it. when i run them individually and with the right order all work fine when I ran the general Sub, which includes basically 12 Calls (the subs mentioned above) it doesn't process the data correctly. the problem is the 4th code. If I run individually and after it finishes continue with the rest, all is good things that could be useful to know is that i have not defined any general variants, all are defined inside their respective subs At start, I use a prompt window to make the user enter specific info required I have placed all codes at one simple module sorry for not sending the code, but it would not be useful as it is really huge (2,000 lines) thank you!

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