Excel: Help Renaming Columns then Rearranging order and adding additional columns

This is a Great site, Thank you! To start with I am working with Microsoft Excel 2010 Pro I am new at this, however I have used a few VBA scripts in excel 2010 We have multiple door entry systems that I have been graced with setting up by May. The data is required needs to be in a different order and requires additional columns, so I am attempting to start this project now. I would like to have a script to change what I am calling the column title data saved in A1,B1,Etc all the way up to F1 without goofing up the rest of the data in those columns. A1 has the value of "Lease Agreement - Unit - Address" However it needs to only show "Street" B1 has the value of "Unit City / State / Zip" It needs to only show "City" C1 has the value of "Student First Name" It needs to only show "First Name" D1 has the value of "Student - Last Name" It needs to only show " Last Name" E1 has the value of "Email" It needs to show as "Custom Type 1" F1 has the value of "Cell Phone Number" It needs to show "HomePhone" I am looking for a script to easily rename all of the titles across the top. Then I need to Move the order around and Add New Columns with additional Titles up to X1 So If there is a way to Add Columns at the same time as the rename and move the columns too that would be great... I think if someone could get me started in the right direction, I might be able to continue the rest on my own. Then the new A1 would be come"UserID" And the data that was in A1 needs to go to C1, along with additional changes. I am looking for a script because the data in these 8 entry systems has to be changed all the time and there can be up to 400 tenants per system. Also the spreadsheet that I download from the web page only allows .CSV downloads, can it be renamed and saved as .XLSX using the sane script? To top it all off I will need to export these modified sheets as Ms Access 2003 .MDB format because that is what the entry systems understand. Uggh Thank you In Advance.

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