Excel: Help on what type of formula should be use?

Hi Everyone, I been cracking my head out but I think Excel should be able to resolve just maybe I am not knowledgeable enough... Am using Excel 2010, I need to provide a formula that can generate the course the student is exempted from and what modules student needs to take in order to complete Course 4 E.G) If Student completed Module ABC, the result should reflect Course 1, 2, 3 & 5. I would also need a formula that is able to show Course 4 just require Student to complete Module D I was thinking of using Vlookup with CONCATENATE function.. but that doesn't seem to make it.. Is it possible to generate a formula for this? Appreciate the help and replies!!

Course 1 Module A Module C
Course 2 Module B Module D
Course 3 Module A Module B Module C
Course 4 Module A Module B Module C Module D
Course 5 Module A Module B Module C

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