Excel: Help Needed to Simplify Formula with Multiple Cominations with Multiple Variables

Hi, i have a formula that needs to be simplified in excel as there's many variables and i would end up spending a lot of time on it. this is the formula = IF(AND(A1<=10,B1<=10,C1<=10,D1<=10),"" IF(AND(A1>=20,B1<=10,C2<=10,D1<=10),"", ,"FALSE") the same formula has more lines, in which A1 needs to meet some more numbers criteria. i've just decided to have it short to outline the basics of it. as you might have noticed, there's 3 PRINT modes: PRINT1 = PRINT2 = PRINT3 = FALSE in PRINT2, the A1 criteria has changed, which is why i asked that it will PRINT if the criteria is true else, if the criteria is not true, it will PRINT false (PRINT3) THE ISSUE that i have is that this formula that i'm using will have many combinations .. about 15 combinations if not more. WONDERING if there's a way i can ease my pain in excel.

excel like A B C D E
1 1 6 11 12
2 10 19 28 40
3 4 58 17 18
4 22 42 25 32
5 32 33 47 73
6 45 9 36 91

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