Excel: Help needed for a macro

In 1 of the ws (out of 15) in my Excel workbook; B2:B200 generates +ve integers including 0 i.e. 0,1,2,3,4,5,... PLUS some cells in B2:B200 are blank (since no values/formulas being present there). The corresponding C2:C200 & D2:D200 contains formulas & generates numerical values. Output required: Formulas in corresponding C2:C200 SHOULD GET REMOVED IMMEDIATELY for corresponding B2:B200 generating 3. Ex: B2=1(thr' formula) C2=D2(formula) D2=200.32 (thr' formula) B2 . . Now if: B2=3 THE FORMULA IN C2 SHOULD GET REMOVED IMMEDIATELY How to accomplish? Thanks in advance.

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