Excel: Help in creating a function or macro to run on data

I need help badly I'm trying to create a checklist that is specific and develops the populates the checklist based on decisions the user chooses on the first sheet "Choose" For simplicity lets say on sheet label "choose" I have in column 'A' the following: Apple, Pear, Watermelon and next to each of them in column 'B' I have a box for them to place an "X" There is a separate sheet labeled the same for each "Apple, Pear, Watermelon" Each of those sheets contain data in cells from A1:D20 So a user goes to sheet "Choose" and places an X in box next to Apple and Watermelon Then hits control 'R' Or whatever function: I then need it to go to the "Apple" sheet and copy A1:D20 data and paste it on a new sheet labeled "Checklist" Then paste the same for "Watermelon" on the same sheet "Checklist" under the Apple information without any spaces or rows between them. Is this possible? Thanks so very much

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