Excel: Gambling Decimals to Fractions - Surely simple in Excel? Anyone able to help?

Hi, I am a Newbie so please let me know if I break any rules! I have spent an hour looking at how to convert decimals into horse racing fraction . On my Excel 2013 I can use the function button but they are mathematical fractions. Ideally I need the maths that sits behind this: Betting Zone | Odds Converter, Fraction Converter, Decimal Converter I found this formula that does it the other way: =(VALUE(LEFT(A1,SEARCH("/",A1)-1))/VALUE(MID(A1,SEARCH("/",A1)+1,LEN(A1)-SEARCH("/",A1)))) However the results were wrong so I added a 1 in to give: =1+(VALUE(LEFT(A1,SEARCH("/",A1)-1))/VALUE(MID(A1,SEARCH("/",A1)+1,LEN(A1)-SEARCH("/",A1)))) This now works for me. Any help would be great. Seems to be the holy grail of questions. I have looked all over! I am not great with VBA - can load it, but in practical terms I need to be able to type in cell F3 (for example) 3.25 and it to tell convert into next cell that it is equal to 9/4 THANK YOU!!!!!

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