Excel: Four cells with potential problems, need the problematic ones listed one by one below

Group 1 1.625
Group 2 0.75
Group 3 0
Average 0.969
There are four groups, but for simplicity I will use three as it will give the same output Now, below all this, I have this:
The following groups are dragging the average down and needs attention:
Group 2
Now, below "Group 2", which is cell N62 btw, I want the next below average group listed, which in this example would be "Group 3". However, if "Group 1" was a problem as well, it would have been in N62, and "Group 2" would have been in N63 instead. Basicly I want N63 to do the same as N62, but exclude whatever is in N62, so it will jump to the next group instead and list that, so I get a complete cell by cell list of what group is a problem... This is because I have colors for each group to identify them more easily, so I'd want to keep that through the whole sheet. Cheers, Jim

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