Excel: Formula to pull last date (of many) from data sheet into main workbook

Hi all, I have a question, I have a tracking sheet that tracks decision and dates, this sheet feeds into a mater workbook that has s decision and decision date columns. The problem/question is, that there can be reschedules, appeals, etc so there could be more than one decision date (in the tracking sheet). In some situations there may just be ONE decision, in others there can be two or three. I need the master tracker to only pull the final decision and date (so I would need it to look in all columns and only pull the latest entries) The tracking sheet looks like this

ID Decision Decision Date Decision 2 Decision Date 2 Decision 3 Decision Date 3
123456 Withdrawn 4/20/2015 dismissed 04/25/2015 Reversed 4/30/2015
234578 Upheld 5/1/2015
789457 Upheld 4/28/2015 Reversed 5/3/2015
The master sheet appears as below
ID Decision Decision Date
The current formula (below) is a Vlookup that looks the persons ID and then the decision and date - This is the formula I inherited along with the workbook =IF($R3150="","",IF(VLOOKUP($R3150,'O:\Private\Document location\[Decisions.xlsx]Hearing'!$F$6:$K$4999,3,FALSE)="","",IFERROR(VLOOKUP($R3150,'O:\Private\document location\[Decisions.xlsx]Hearing'!$F$6:$K$4999,3,FALSE),""))) Any help is much appreciated.

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