Excel: Formula that has a dynamic ending cell reference

Hi all, I have run into a number of problems with my Excel 2010 spreadsheet, but they all basically result to the same thing...Ranges in formulas when new data is added. For example I have the following formula: =INDEX('Raw Sales Data'!$J$2:$J$5000,MATCH('Dashboard'!J9,'Raw Sales Data'!$K$2:$K$5000,0)) It basically is checking 'Raw Sales Data' sheet cells K2:K5000 (Spend Amount), finding the value that matches 'Dashboard' sheet cell J9 (Spend Amount), then returning the corresponding adjacent value from 'Raw Sales Data' sheet cells J2:J5000 (Customer) This is all good and works fine. But... If more rows are added to Raw Sales Data, the range expands beyond J5000. Is there a formula friendly equivalent to the VBA find last row function? In a nutshell, if 500 more rows of data are added I don't want to have to go amend all my formulas from J5000 to J5500. I also am trying to avoid just putting an exaggerated value like J10000 as some formulas really get funny about all of the blank data between J5000 and J10000

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