Excel: Formula Reduction

I have another three formulas I'm hoping someone can review and provide feedback on: 1) Array formula: =IF($A3="","",INDEX(Inputs!$B:$S,SMALL(IF(Inputs!$B:$B=$A$1,ROW(Inputs!$B:$B)),ROW(1:1)),COLUMN(C1))) 2) Array formula: =IFERROR(INDEX(Inputs!$A:$S,SMALL(IF(Inputs!$A:$A=$A$1,ROW(Inputs!$A:$A)),ROW(1:1)),COLUMN(B1)),"") 3) =IF($A3="","",INDIRECT("'Inputs'!"&ADDRESS(MATCH($A$1,Inputs!$A:$A,0),COLUMN(C1),4))) Suggestions on how to make any of these better? Ryan

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