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Good day Please assist I have in column A the following: A4 = Total Cost centre LONMIN with a lot of other information below it in the other Rows, e.g. Total income, Deductions, etc. Still in Column A I will have Total Company Cost with a total in Column c in the same line, e.g A22 = Total Company Cost and C22 = 71703, Then in Column A the following with no lone break A23 - Total Cost Centre Polokwane With the same as the above, the number of lines in between each cost centre differ I need to remove the Total Cost Centre before the name of each (as in line A4 and A23) and then place the name only in Column B, I think this is a LEFT or Right formula. Then I need to move the total for each centre to Column C next to the name i hope this makes sense What it looks like now:

Total Cost Centre LONMIN
Income 20
3001 10
3002 10
Deductions 5
1004 2
1001 3
Total company cost 18
Total Cost Centre POLOKWANE
Income 40
3001 10
3002 10
3005 10
3006 10
Deductions 10
1003 1
1002 2
1001 3
1004 4
Total Company Cost 30
Total Cost Centre BRICKLAYERS

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