Excel: Formula listing items from several columns in one column

Hi Mr Excel, In columns B, C, D & E I have titles with items. I need formula listing the titles (upper case letters) with different items (lower case letters) in column A as shown on the example below. The number of the items is variable linked to database.

1 U U Y Z W
2 k k c o m
3 i i s j b
4 r r h r a
5 g g u q
6 v v f c
7 Y r
8 c z
9 s
10 h
11 Z
12 o
13 j
14 r
15 u
16 f
17 r
18 z
19 W
20 m
21 b
22 a
23 q
24 c
Thank you in advance! Krasimir

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