Excel: Formula Inconsistent

Windows 7 Professional Excel 2013 Good afternoon, Trying to understand why my formula works on certain words and not others. My target worksheet, DB_Activity Col - $D$2:$D$1000 consists of 36 “Expense Descriptions” and Col - $E$2:$E$1000 consist of the cost associated each Description. The following formula works fine with the below list with the exception of those with an **. =SUMIF(DB_Activity!$D$2:$D$1000,"Other",DB_Activity!$E$2:$E$1000) ** Accounting Service ** Advertising Auto Lease Insurance Auto Lease Payment Auto Maintenance Bank Fees Bank Supplies Cell Phone Computer Hardware Computer Software Corporate Fees Credit Cards Deposit Entertainment Fuel Gifts Internet/High Speed Laundry/Dry Cleaning Legal ** Licensing Lodging Loan Office Equipment Other Parking Personal Expenses ** Programming Seminar's / Training Service Contracts Supplies Taxes Tolls Travel Unexpected Expenses Web-Design Web-Service Any help greatly appreciated John

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