Excel: First time poster needs help. =countif consecutive entries help

Hey guys so i'm relatively new to excel and think my issue will be relatively easy to solve based off the knowledge on these boards. So image in cells A1:A5 I have entered the words either "Yes" or "No". Also in cells B1:B5 are entered the words "Yes" or "No". So basically if two yeses occur in a row (A1=Yes, B1=Yes) that equals 2 or if two no's occur in a row (A1=No, B1=No) that also equals 2. A combination of A1=Yes and B1=No would equal one and vice versa with the opposite combination. Now I could do this by myself so far but the part where i'm getting tripped up on is the cells below it. A:6 & B6 through however many. If these cells are blank than I would like the corresponding C cell to remain blank as well. I've been trying to solve this problem using various combinations of the =countif and =IF functions but can't quit figure it out. Basically I need a formula that will return me this data in column C A B C Yes Yes 2 Yes No 1 No No 2 " " " " " "

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