Excel: Finding recent date from list

This is my first post so I apologize if my request is easier than I expected. I have been trying to figure this out for a while. I have two columns of data. In column one is simply dates, in column two is the person attending on that date. There are various people who attend on various dates. What I am trying to find is the last time each person attended. Ive used index, max, and all kinds of formulas with no luck. column 1 Column 2 08-Apr-15 Dan 09-Apr-15 Bill 10-Apr-15 Dan 11-Apr-15 Phil 12-Apr-15 Tom 13-Apr-15 Dan 14-Apr-15 Dustin 15-Apr-15 Dan 16-Apr-15 Phil 17-Apr-15 Bill 18-Apr-15 Dan With this, when was the last time Dan attended, Bill, Phil and so on. If you can help, I would appreciate it so much.

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