Excel: Finding Max of Column that Varies

I want to find the Max of a column if other columns have 1's in it but the 1's vary. Here is an example: I want to find the Max of column A after the first 1 in column B shows until the next 1 in column C shows above. So in this example the first 1 in Column B shows at A7. So the Max from A6:A1 (next 1 above in Column C is at C1) is 15. There is a 1 in A10 with the first 1 in column C above it at C9. So the Max of A9 issue 10...and so forth A---------B---------C---------D 10--------0---------1---------15 12--------0---------0---------"" 14--------0---------0---------"" 12--------1---------0---------"" 10--------1---------0---------"" 15--------1---------0---------"" 20--------1---------0---------"" 25--------0---------0---------"" 10--------0---------1---------10 12--------1---------0---------"" 14--------0---------0---------"" 12--------0---------0---------"" 10--------0---------1---------15 15--------1---------0---------"" 20--------1---------0---------"" 25--------0---------0---------"" The "" are just blank cells Hope this makes sense.

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