Excel: Finding date of last payment in excel sheet

I am on the board of charity that does micro loans in Africa and we used excel sheet to keep track of loan repayments. I would like to find the date of the last payment. Column A has the date and Column C has the payment. All the payment cells are pre filled with zeros. I think a CSE formula could be used but I have not been able to find the right formula to do this. I am hoping some here can help me write the correct formula. Below is an example of that a repayment sheet would look like. In this example I would like to have a formula that would return the date of 23-Dec-14 as that was the date of the last payment as shown in Column C. A B C D E F G H 1 Payment Date Weekly Amt Payment Past Due Paid to Date Loan Balance Savings Saving Bal 2 2-Dec-14 19,300 38,600 0 38,600 461,400 0 0 3 9-Dec-14 19,300 10,000 9,300 48,600 451,400 0 0 4 16-Dec-14 19,300 0 28,600 48,600 451,400 0 0 5 23-Dec-14 19,300 15,000 47,900 48,600 451,400 0 0 6 30-Dec-14 19,300 0 67,200 48,600 451,400 0 0 I hope someone can help me with this. Doug

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