Excel: Find PartNumbers

Hello friends, I am looking to create a VBA code to do the following. Is it possible? I have a data range with many columns (ie. Description, Vendor, Part number……). Column ‘A’ "Description" has string of data which includes part numbers, vendor and other info. (2500+ rows) Column ‘H’ , 'I' & 'J' are blank Column ‘M’ has Alphanumeric part numbers. Column ‘N’ has code numbers. Columns ‘M’ and ‘N’ go together I need to find the part numbers from column M by searching in Column ‘A’, (should be able to use wildcard search) If a match is found, I need to copy the code number in column ‘N’ and place it in column ‘H’ on the same row the match is found in Column ‘A’. and also the cell address of column 'N' to be placed in column 'I'. (for verification purpose). If no Match is found place a "NO" in Column 'J'. I hope I have explained this correctly. Question How long will it take to search all the part numbers from column 'M', it need to search each cell and find a match? Thanks FLDS

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