Excel: Find only numerics after a special character and separate with a comma

Hello, I'm new here, but I have reviewed dozens of responses regarding the title of this post. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to get the results I desire. I am looking for numbers that appear after a special character, I only want to retain those numbers and I want to separate them with a comma. Here are some samples of my data and desired results. Data: BIGBOY2;#138;#BIGBOY2SAVE;#2478;#SHARED ENVIRONMENT;#7613 TEA1BAG;#1234;#BIGBOY2;#1388;#SHARED ENVIRONMENT3;#7615 TINCUP;#2;#BIG88BOY;#1233 Desired Results: 138,2478,7613 (notice the number 2 from BIGBOY2 and BIGBOY2SAVE was not retained) 1234,138,7615 (notice the numbers 1, 2 & 3 in TEA1BAG, BIGBOY2 and SHARED ENVIRONMENT3 were not retained) 2,1233 (notice the number 88 in BIG88BOY was not retained) The numbers following the pound sign could be of length 1-6. I've tried various text clipping functions and UDFs, but I haven't been able to crack it. Thoughts?

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