Excel: Find and replace multiple values from a list

Hi, I was wondering if someone could please help me with the following. I have 'Table' worksheet with sales figures and I'm trying to work out how to make a macro go through a list on the 'Lookup' worksheet, find and replace the values in the 'Table' worksheet. For example, to search "Product 2" in column A of 'Table' worksheet and replace with "DELETED Product 2" (data from the 'Lookup' worksheet). This would continue until all values have been checked and replaced. Also on the 'Table' worksheet, a product might appear multiple times. For example Product 2 might need to be replaced 3 or 4 times before it starts replacing "Product 4" with "DELETED Product 4" The end result I'm trying to get to is similar to 'Outcome' below. Many thanks for your help. Table Product 1 $100,000 Product 2 $5,000 Product 3 $120,000 Product 4 $2,000 Lookup Product 2 = DELETED Product 2 Product 4 = DELETED Product 4 Outcome Product 1 $100,000 DELETED Product 2 $5,000 Product 3 $120,000 DELETED Product 4 $2,000

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