Excel: Filter Massive Data by Cell Value on Specific Column

I have imported a massive amount of data from Access using excel: 43 columns and 43k rows of data on Sheet 2. Of all that info, Column B (Log Number) has about 500 different values, where each one of those values will be in the 43k rows no more than 80 times. From there, I only need everything that is of one value. Ex: Log Number 14-2-AGUILAD is in Column B (along with many other columns) This value of "14-2-AGUILAD" also appears on Sheet 1 in cell A1. I need a macro that says: Of all of the imported data I have sent to Excel from Access, filter out for ONLY what's in Sheet1!A1. I am doing it right now using Advanced Filter, but it won't filter for just that section. Please help?

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