Excel: Extracting information between two dates

I researched this and found a formula I believe should work, but for whatever reason, it's not... What am I missing? I have a list of my employees on Sheet2, and each subsequent sheet has the data for the hours for each employee (Sheet3 will be employee A, Sheet4 for employee B). I'm importing this from Quickbooks Online, so each employee has to have their own Worksheet with their hours. For the employee worksheets, the hours are in G:G, and the dates are in B:B for each employee. On the summary sheet (Sheet2), the date range is B1 for the start date and C1 for the end date. I'm working with cell C2 to give me the result of hours worked between the date range. I used this formula that I found: =SUMIFS(Hours,Date,">="&B$1,Date,"<="&C$1) I made ranges for this as this is how I found it on another site, but I'd rather steer away from ranges since I'm sure we'll hire more employees as we go and I want to make THAT process easier. Anyway, when I use this formula, the result I get is 0.00. The best I can figure is that the hours are not tied to the date, so Excel returns the 0.00 result. How can I make this work? Thanks!

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